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Master of Divinity (MDiv.)

In Columbus, through the 2015-2016 academic year, Bexley Seabury offers a three-year Master of Divinity program for people preparing for the ordained priesthood in the Episcopal Church. Offered in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Seminary, our M.Div program combines deep academic study and reflection in a rich ecumenical community with spiritual and pastoral formation and the practice of ministry in the local church.

Students study the scriptures, church history, contemporary society, theology and ethics, liturgics and preaching, and ascetical and pastoral theology. In the classroom, the chapel and the community, the faculty encourages students to articulate their own beliefs as part of the Anglican tradition and understand the many contexts and perspectives of global Anglicanism. Study and worship with Lutheran students and faculty deepens our sense of what it means to be Anglican in today’s world.

Through study, prayer and pastoral training, Bexley Seabury students emerge ready to:

  • engage in theological reflection on responsible life in faith. 
  • know the living tradition of Christian faith as richly diverse.
  • recognize and respond to racism and other forms of oppression and exclusion in their personal and institutional manifestations.
  • think theologically about assumptions, biases, and knowledge about themselves and others.
  • develop knowledge and skills for leadership in the missional church.
  • contribute to a learning community characterized by dialogue, mutual respect, and appreciation of diverse views.
  • listen, read, and write effectively in order to contribute to the life of the church.
  • become knowledgeable and effective leaders of worship in their communities of faith.

For more information, contact Acting Dean Jason Fout This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sample Plan of Study through the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Trinity Lutheran Seminary is on a traditional semester system, with a January (J-term) month where intensive courses are offered, frequently including travel abroad. Biblical languages are offered as electives, although Greek is recommended (see below). Bexley Seabury offers Master of Divinity courses in a mixture of week-long intensives; hybrid online courses which meet over three weekends; and as semester-long courses. Anglican Formation is required every semester as well as Field Education, normally during the Middler Year. Clinical Pastoral Education is not an academic requirement for the Master of Divinity degree, but most dioceses require it of their persons preparing for ministry. 

The following is a suggested course of study, which may vary depending on a student's previous academic background.

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Church History 1 (3 hrs)
Anglican Liturgy and Music:  Development and Theology (3 hrs)
Liturgy 1: Book of Common Prayer (3 hrs)
Race, Ethnicity and Religion (1 hr)
Anglican Formation (1 hr)

January Term Junior Year

Anglican Spirituality and Ethos (3 hrs) or Elective (2 or 3 hrs)

Spring Semester

Church History 2 (3 hrs)
New Testament 2 (3 hrs)
Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures 1 (3 hrs)
Care of Souls (3 hrs)
Anglican Formation (1 hr) 


Middler Year

Fall Semester

Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures 2 (3 hrs)
Systematic Theology (3 hrs)
Field Education Seminar 1 (3 hrs)
Ministry of Preaching (3 hrs)
Anglican Formation (1 hr)

January Term Middler Year

Elective (2 or 3 hrs)

Spring Semester

Anglican Theology and Ethics (3 hrs)
Anglican Liturgy and Music:  Theology and Practice (3 hrs)
Field Education Seminar 2 (3 hrs)
Elective (3 hrs)
Anglican Formation (1 hr)


Senior Year

Fall Semester

Anglican and Episcopal History (3 hrs)
Pastoral Offices (3 hrs)
Advanced New Testament Course (3 hrs)
Elective (2 or 3 hrs)
Anglican Formation (1 hr)

Spring Semester

Global Anglicanism (3 hrs)
Advanced Old Testament (3 hrs)
Advanced Theology Elective (2 hrs)
Elective (3 hrs)
Anglican Formation (1 hr)

Minimum of 81 credit hours for Master of Divinity degree.